I was lazy and didn't feel like putting up my posts a day at a time. So I just typed them on Word and collaborated them together. So I will be talking as if I wrote it that day.



Tuesday March 14th.


YAY! Last night was the finally the first night I've gone to bed before 12 in 2 weeks. WOW! That's something.... Not trying to brag, but yeah. Feels nice going to bed early. Unfortunately there was a downfall because of that. So because I went to bed so early. I woke up really late. I mean super late. Like 5 minutes after school started. When I woke up, my parents were waiting for me. I use to have issues getting up on my own so they wouuld sometimes help me out. But today they just told me to walk to school. I was a bit rebellious about it. So they said this was the last time they were going to give me a ride to school. Thank you God! I really needed that wake up call.

So I got to class late. I think I was 15 minutes late. But the teacher didn't care. Or at least it looked like she didn't care. And I forgot to finish this math packet. I was going to work on it in the morning and ask people around for help, but since I woke up late it prevented me from continuing my work. Strangely, the teacher checked my homework, but didn't thoroughly look through my packet and gave me full points. Weird...... Then rest of class I couldn't help, but sleep. But we got our quizzes back from two classes ago and I completely FAILED. I'm not even kidding. I got a stupid 64% AH! I hate myself! Stupid me! Stupid! Argh! Oh well. I probably deserve it. Thank you God for a bad grade! I deserve it!

JEEZ! I'm getting seduced by SLEEP! This pisses me off. I think I need to smoke some LSD or something. I seriously can never go for an entire week of school without sleeping through one of my classes. That fustrates me.

In AcLab, I worked very efficiently. I finished my history homework and most of my labs for bio. Then I went to my math teacher to hang out with some of my friends. Actually, to continue finishing my labs. So during AcLab, there was the AcLab competition going around the school. In all the classrooms, there's this poster of a superhero. And the AcLab with the most names of other AcLabs and their superhero names, gets a donut party. I think it's pretty lame, but it's funny to see people struggle so hard to find the superheros. So while I was in my math class during AcLab, the students in the math class decided to hide the superhero and give false answers. They had Iron Man as their superhero, but they told everyone, that tried to look for it, that it was Dash from the Incredibles. LOL!

During the first part of history, we had a Daily Question of the Day. Today's question was asking about what we want to do (within reason) before we died. I hadn't really thought of it that much, but at least I came up with "something." I said I would continue living my life for God and see the Seven Wonders of the World. Lots of people wanted to sky-dive. I would only do that if I wanted a super big adrenaline rush. lol.

At lunch, we discussed about the stupid Senior prank that someone pulled off last Friday. Someone put about 200 crickets into the hallways. The stupid thing was that he left it in one place, so the custodians easiliy cleaned it up. WOW! He should've bought a lot more and put them throughout the school. Anyways, the weird thing was Albert wanted to do a Senior prank of his own. Except his Senior prank was to the MAX. He wanted to buy 10 pounds of marajuana, vaporize it ALL, and put them into the school vents. WTF! He would do something like that. I'm going to be so scared during my Senior year. Eek!

So the rest of history class we discussed something about WWII. Unfortunately, I fell asleep AGAIN! JEEZ! I seriously need something that will keep me up and awake for like a week straight. I really don't like sleeping through classes, but it's my stupid weak body that can't handle it. But near the end of class, we had to do this game where we had to come up with a history, word that relates to the previous chapter we've learned, for each letter of the alphabet. And for every word that you get, you would get 1 bonus points. But you had to be the winner (one with most points) to obtain that extra credit. The catch was that you had to compare your answers to a partner. If you and that partner had any words that were the same, you had to cross them out. The teacher did this along with us so any words we had that he had we had to cross it out. Get it? I know right a bit confusing. I suck at English. So I ended up with only 2 points because my partner was super nerdy in history and had everyword I had except for United States and something else I can't remember.

In orchestra, Mr. Simon took the Boston kids to practice for the Boston trip this Thursday. Sucks for them cause they have to wake up at 6 in the morning on Thursday and get to the airport by 8. WOW! Anyways, while they were practicing, Mr. Simon told us to practice our music for the Pops concert. The funny thing was NO ONE practiced at all since Mr. Simon and the Boston kids were in a different room across the hallway. So whenever the door opened, the entire class wouuld get startled and rush to their instruments and pretend to be playing. There were so many fake calls because there were students going in and out to go to the restroom. LOL

Today for tennis, we got to play against North. I think we completely obliterated North. I didn't get to play with my partner today because he said he had to leave early today for "doctor's appointment." I'm not being sarcastic there, I'm just saying that doctor is "special." So he got to pair up with someone on JV1 so he could get his game done faster and get to his "doctor's appointment." So I ended up getting paired with some Indian kid. Not the African Indian type person, but the Indians from India. Yeah. So we did pretty well even though we've never played together before. We had to play first to 6, no add because it was so cold today and nobody wanted to play a super long game. We won 6-2. YAY! Thank you GOD!

I got home and all chaos broke loose. My mom told me to look at my progress report card. Yeah...I got really bad grades. Not that bad, but bad enough for my parents to get pretty pissed at me for. I got a 3.5 GPA as of now. WOW! Major FAIL! I dropped from a 4.2 to a 3.5. All because of stupid POE. I have a C- because I haven't turned in this project which was due a month ago? STUPID PROCRASTINATION AND LAZINESS! I WANNA KILL YOU! And then my parents gave me a verbal beating for about 2 hours? They were pretty pissed and wanted to give me the asian punishment where they beat you with a stick, but they decided it wasn't worth it. Blah.

So much homework tonight and I have a bio test tomorrow that I still have to study. Crudd......


Thank you God for being there for me through the hard times. I need your prescence to help me concetrate as my study and continue to finish up my homework. Please let me remember all I studied tonight for tomorrow's bio. Thank you!


Wednesday March 15th.


The Day Where My Stupidity Actually Shows

I went to bed late last night because I was busy studying for bio and doing other homework. I studied partly for bio and decided to study the rest in the morning. Except that wasn't very smart.

When we got to English we had to get our things ready and prepare for a Socratic Seminar. A Socratic Seminar is where the teacher gives a deep level question and you use the book to answer it. This is a verbal type thing. And then people make ideas off the ideas that other people make. But I was busy studying for bio because I was really nervous. So I didn't speak at all during the entire thing. People pressured me to, but I didn't. Turns out I lost 40 points because I didn't speak. EF! I'm so stupid. Even when people told me to say something, I couldn't think up of anything that would relate to the topic at hand. =(

In bio, I completely forgot EVERYTHING I studied. Like literally. When I got the test, nothing was clicking in my head. I was so frustrated. I just guessed throughout the entire test. The first part was multiple choice on a scantron. There was 80 questions. I think I only got 50 questions right. Blah. The second part was short answer. I failed it completely. It was a total of 35 points and I only answered 3 questions out of the 7? EF! So I lost 23 points there. CRAP! I'm so stupid! Now my parents are going to be more pissed than EVER. Jeez.................Oh well. God if I get a bad grade. I will praise you. If I get a B, I don't know what I'll do. I think I'll shout for joy or something. But I deserve the bad grade more than a B. I didn't prepare well enough for the test. I don't deserve a B. But I am willing to take whatever grade you're going to give me.

Lunch......Don't even wanna talk about it. I made a stupid mistake which caused chaos.

In Engineering, we didn't do much. Since Timmy and I finished making our double sided screws and made the mold of our bridge, we had nothing to do. The teacher wouldn't let us put in the cement yet because he wanted to put the cement at the same time. Blah. So I just did some homework the rest of the time. Yeah........I wish I was more productive and brought some of my Blue day homework. As Timmy and I walked to Spanish, we noticed how many "real" gay people there are in my school. Like literally gay. Not people that act gay because they think it's funny, but like real gay people that do weird stuff with the same sex.

In Spanish, we had to do our District Essays. These are given to Spanish 1, Spanish 3, and Spanish 5 students. It tests how well you know Spanish according to your level. Everyone receives the same prompt. We had to write to a exchange student about your family, what you did with the previous exchange student, and what you plan to do on vacation. Supposely, Spanish 5 writing is suppose to be more marvelous than Spanish 3 writing and Spanish 3 writing is suppose to be more complex than Spanish 1 writing. I think I wrote a Spanish 2 paper. I just lied throughout the thing because I couldn't remember some of my Spanish words. Before we began, we were given a piece of paper with three circles to write to use as our pre-writing. Yeah....I didn't use that paper efficiently. First, I began drawing in one of the circles. I drew a bunch of lines that made a curve. It was fun. Then I began writing. When I got stuck, I drew the ying-yang sign in the second circle. Then I finished up my writing. I had about 10 minutes left of class so I tattooed the last circle. I got really bored. And then I found out we had to turn in our pre-writing paper. Crud. The graders are going to think this kid did a terrible job on his writing and that he didn't use his time efficiently. Which I probably agree with that. lol. 

In tennis, we had a match against Lindbergh. The scoring was first to 6. It was a pretty good game. So Lindbergh's JV team played our JV1 team. Then Lindbergh's JV team had to double back so we could play with them. So we ended up playing the number 3 doubles of Lindbergh. It was a close game, but I was stupid and made some careless hits. The score ended up being 6-4 Lindbergh for our game. I think we got pummeled by Lindbergh. LOL. Oh well. It was fun! Thank you God!


Thursday March 16th.

I woke up a bit happy. Don't know why I was like that, but I felt good.

In math class, we learned about inverse functions. Except I fell asleep. AGAIN! AH! But this time I tried my hardest to keep myself awake, but I was too weak. MAN! I lost. And I woke up finding myself guilty for sleeping. Poopie.

In AcLab, I went in for Spanish to make up major participation points. My teacher kept on asking why I don't participate in class. I said I don't like talking in her class. She says I shouldn't be afraid of saying Spanish stuff aloud. Oh well. Then I went to math to ask the teacher about the homework. I got my answer and just stood there for 10 minutes doing nothing. Wow. What a waste of time. I'm so lazy.....

In history, we talked about WWII. It was kind of boring. I took a 10 minute nap. And then we were assigned projects. I have to research something about a certain bombing site. Shouldn't be too hard. And then I noticed how ripped our student teacher was. Mr. Smiley. Dude. He's super ripped. Like his polo shirt looked like it could explode the minute Mr. Smiley flexed his muscles. Creepy......Jealous.....Not really actually. It would be weird to have big arms like him.

Orchestra was a joke. Since the Boston trip was today LOTS of people were gone and the teachers were gone. First off. The Boston people had to wake up at 5 in the morning. Get to the airport at 6. And then get ready to leave. That really sucks. So we got to class. There was a sub. She didn't know a single thing about music. lol. So stupid. So she told us that were to practice 40 minutes for our Pops concert and spend the rest of the 50 minutes to study or whatever. So we practiced. Except it was fail. First we had our classmates conduct for us. Yeah...Some people don't know how to count. lol! Then we finally got somewhere. But lots of people were lazy and just played sloppy. Then I noticed something that I don't know how to explain. All the first violins except for 4 people left for the Boston trip. All the violas except for 1 person left for the Boston trip. All the cellos except for 5 people left for the Boston trip. All the cellos except for 3 people left for the Boston trip. Second violins.....Yeah.... Only 4 people went on the Boston trip from the second violins! LOL! After we practiced we just sat in silence. I tried doing homework, but couldn't concentrate. So I went to the piano room and goofed around. A lot of seniors just left school without letting the teacher know. lol.

Today for tennis we had to go to West again and play them. Except this time we played singles. It was sort of fun. Except I was placed 11 out of 16. NEWB! I think it was because the first time we played singles for practice, I just goofed around and lost every round. Oh well. My opponent was fun. I won, but I think my opponent should've won. Many times I would hit out, but he called it in. I tried to do the same, but he ended up correcting me. Weird. So we had to play two sets of four. First set. 4-2 me! Second set 4-4 TIE BREAKER! Tie breaker = 7-2 me! So second set was 5-4. YAY! But I forgot to give thanks to God. I'm sorry God.


Thank God for a great tennis match. I'm sorry for making this day so useless. I should've used it more wisely.






And God I'm sorry about last night. Really sorry.


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